2015 New Adventures

Wow i cant believe its 2015!Happy New Year (sorry we are half way in already).
I am so excited to announce all the new things happening for me this year!
From my freelance photography business, to my and Ashlee’s (owner of creative touch, ill link the page below) daycare opening in march,
Moving in with Ash, going back to school(one step closer to owning my own salon), to all my DIY projects and of course growing my blog!!!!

Well let’s start:
Photography: I have always loved to take pictures
So why not help others make memories last! I currently am only doing small time sessions until I get a more professional camera!
I am excited to do baby photos, family sessions, weddings,events, business head shots! Whatever you are looking for I would be happy to help with(and for reasonable prices, I will link the Facebook page below).

Going back to school: yay this one is exciting, I am going to be taking my Nail tech course!!! Its been a plan and a dream for a long time coming now! Its just that extra step (again) towards owning my own salon!!! I also hope to take some business courses (we will see)

DIY Projects: I am hoping to get in to them, if I do I will make sure to do a blog post! And a how to: !!!

Growing my blog: well here is the last thing I wanted to touch on, and probably the most exciting! I use my blog to rant, set goals, show who I am, product reviews, beauty stuff, ect! It is my escape from reality when I really need it!
I am not expecting to make money from it or for it to become popular it is for me and those out there who want and enjoy reading it! So while I will post it on facebook, Instagram,twitter and tell people about; weather I have 100,000 people reading it or no one I will always love to write!

I am  just so happy, and excited to see what 2015 and the future hold with business adventures, school and my loving friends and family!
Hope to see you all there I am so grateful!!!!!

As promised here are the links:

Creative Touch:

K.G Photography:


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