January Review


Well here it is!!! My January lipgloss and lipstick review

I am going to start off with Maybelline color whisper in the shade “oh la lilac” #90


I love this for the texture however, the pigment does not live up to my standards. I was hoping for more purple but its kind of like a lip butter rather than a lipstick. So because of this I rate it a 5/10

Next is the Revelon Colorburst matte balm in “mischievous” #235″


I love the texture and the pigment and the colour of this one! It’s amazing, and such a beautiful coral like colour!!!  A great lip stick for a night out! It lasts a long time and it feels like my lips stay moisturized! 8/10

Next is one of my favorites!!! Urban Decay super saturated high gloss color in “f-bomb”


I love love love this one!!! Everyone needs a go to lipstick! It is so pigmented and smooth it lasts a long time and it doesn’t feel sticky at all!!! It is the perfect statement lip! I am seriously obsessed with this! 10/10

Next is another urban decay product it is probably my favorite of them all!!! Urban Decay lip junkie lip gloss cools and plumps in “crush”


Its a great lip gloss I feel it plumping it smells like mint and it tints my lips this gorgeous pink!!! It is a little sticky at first but about two minutes later its smooth and lasts a long time. I can put it on at 6 am and I don’t have to reapply until about 11!!! 10/10
Love it

Next is Kate by Rimmel London #14


It is the best nude!!! Its creamy and pigmented and seriously just the sexiest nude out there! It is perfect for a daytime lip!!! Did I mention it is so creamy!!!!! 10/10

The next two are the Maybelline elixir lipgloss’ in “amethyst potion” #045 and
“Fuchsia flourish” #075



I love the colour of the two of these gloss’ and the packaging is adorable  however, they are so sticky that I am not sure those things make up for it. I’ll wear them for pictures or a short appointment but nothing where I’ll have to keep reapplying every thirty minutes. I give these 6/10

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed!!!
Please comment and let me know if there’s is any blog you would love yo see!



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