January Favourites!!!


Lets start with my two favourite candles and my favourite daytime lotion!!!
On the left is bath an body works- WINTER candle- I can not explain how much I love this candle! The smell completely takes over my house and it is amazing.
It is a blend of pine needles, winter citrus and white woods! I love it
On the right is the warm vanilla sugar candle and lotion!!!  HEAVEN… just amazing. It is a blend of vanilla, white orchid, jasmine, fresh coconut and creamy sandalwood ect. Absolutely amazing.
It is a great year round scent!!!


Jan favs for makeup, nailpolish and perfume!!!

Essie Wicked- is an amazing deep purple with red undertones!! It makes me feel sexy and seductive when I wear it. The quality of this nail polish gets me every time, my nails usually chip within a two days and with this nail polish and its clear coat it will stay on without chipping for at least a week. (Which is amazing since I chase kids and clean all day haha) it may be a little pricey but it is completely worth it!
Sally Hansen miracle gel sugar fix- is such a pretty blue colour, it feels very spring/summer ish. I really enjoy the quality and pigment of the miracle gels!!! The price is pretty good (compared to how much a gel manicure would be in a salon) these are more of the type of polish I will use on my toes and it lasts for up to a month (CRAZY) without chipping.

Perfume time!!!
Alfred sung- shi
Adidas- moves for her
Prada- candy light

Let me say it was hard to narrow down my Favourites to my top four let alone one!!!

Alfred sung-shi; is a fresh scent, fruity/floral yet aquatic! Truly captivating!!! I bought it for the first time two years ago and it has been a staple in my life ever since.

Adidas moves for her; is a another floral fragrance that smells kind of like a cologne with a touch of woman! I have been buying this perfume constantly for the last two years

Prada candy light! is a new one to my collection but I have to admit it became a favourite very quickly- not only does my bf love it but I have fallen for its blend of benzoin, musk, caramel and honey scent that just gives it the perfect balance of magic

Guess- this perfume would take the win if I had to really only chose one! It has been a staple in my life since high school I never run out of it !!!

Last but not least make up!!!! –
Maybelline cat eyes mascara in blackest black- I have very long thick lashes so I really just use mascara if I am going out at night or not wearing any other makeup and just want that extra pop. I love the way this mascara brings out my eyes, it keeps my lashes looking natural with just a little extra something.

Annabelle eyeliner in blackest black- I have loved this eyeliner for ever. I have tried many other ones from high end to drug store and I have to say out of all of them this one takes the cake- it is so creamy and black, one swipe and you are ready to go. It’s pigmented and smooth, I won’t trade it in anytime soon!!!

Mac embark- quite possibly my favourite shadow ever….(including my naked 3 pallette) it is smooth, pigmented, deep creamy and sexy. From a smokey eye to just a natural look it amazes me everytime!!! (It also makes green/hazel eyes pop)

I have talked about the urban decay lip junkie and the Kate Rimmel lipstick in previous blogs but I love them so much I added them to my favourites— and a giveaway!!!— check out my previous blog for the details on how to enter!!!

I Also had to add in two of my favourite lip butters by nivea!!!! They are creamy and smooth and give a beautiful pink shimmer to your lips!

I hope everyone enjoyed this Favourites blog. Please check out my previous blog to enter my giveaway to win a great prize!!!


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