Photojojo fisheye lens review


Check it out 🙂 there are lots of awesome stuff!!!


I have a love hate relationship with this really cute fisheye lens!
It is really hard to focus, it shakes and blurs but once it is focused it is awesome (see picture above!!)
The fisheye lens comes with three magnets for your camera on your phone that it just sticks to (with adhesive already on it) it doesn’t block the camera and has not caused any damage either however, the magnet comes off of the phone sometimes when I take the lens off- but I think that may be because I did not let it set long enough before using it.  It also comes with a keychain and an adorable little dinosaur!!!
You can buy it for your iPad, iPhone or android!!!

I plan on buying other lens’ off there. (Polarizer, macro/micro and telephoto)
So I would definitely recommend purchasing this and trying it out for yourself!!!

I rate it a 8/10- with room for some improvements but overall love it!!!

Coupon Code (for $5 off any purchase over 25$) >>> beautifulchaos2015



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