Relationships, friendships and family

As you get older you start to realize what is important, as a teen all you wanted to do was hang out with your friends, drink, party and shop.
Now my ideal is hanging with my boyfriend and his kids, my family and hanging with my few friends I have kept over the years. I quickly came to realize it was not about how many friends you had, it was about the quality of the friends you have! I have a handful of amazing, crazy and loving friends and I would not trade a single one of them. Over the years I have ‘dropped’ friends either because I had made a mistake,(which has happened a time or two) or I didn’t want what they brought to the friendship (I.e drama) .Of course it is still hard to lose that friend but you quickly realize if he or she was a real friend you could lose them so easily.
I currently have a Wonderful group of friends, some from middle and high school and some from a few years ago and even a couple brand new ones. Some have boyfriends and/or kids, some have crazy work schedules and some don’t live close to me; which makes it hard to always find the time to hang with them. When we do hang its like nothing has ever changed and we are always there for one another, I would drop anything for all of them as they would for me!
I have had awful, terrible, just completely tragic relationships in the past however, that is not the case with Ash! He is amazing, supportive, loving, honest and just over all the man of my dreams :). He has two wonderful boys who I love as my own. Of course since we both work full-time it is hard to find time to spend quality time together, but we make it work even if it is cuddling and watching family guy or playing clue after the boys go to bed or even taking the boys to playzone or the park its great and how we love to spend time together.
We try to go to my parents house every Sunday for family dinner, I will admit lately I have slacked on that- I’ve been busy trying to get everything ready and figured out (we move on April 1) !!!!
But I plan on doing it again even if its every second weekend or whatever.
My tips to making sure to find time for friends,family and your boyfriend/girlfriend is to make solid plans and stick to them. It seems easy and so simple but its easy to say your tired, or you need to clean or do homework. While these are good reasons not to go they are also the perfect reasons to go! You are drowning yourself in excuses, it is okay to go for a half hour coffee or an hour chat everything else can wait sometimes! It is so good for your soul to make time for the people you love and that love you, you don’t know what could happen tomorrow or if you continue canceling they might just stop inviting! Which I recently have decided with some friends, I’m not going to fight for a friendship that clearly you could care less about. Those are not the type of people I want to surround myself with anymore! 🙂
A great way to make sure you have time for everyone is set a side a day a week that is dedicated to your boyfriend, to your parents (family dinner) and to your friends (coffee, girls night, brunch… )
And a day just for yourself!!!
Do yourself the favour of clearing your life of all the toxic people- friends, family, spouse!
because, once you do you will have that extra energy to spend on the people who bring so much to your life rather than take from it!!!

To my wonderful man, friends and family;
I love you

Kimberli xo


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