NYX lipsticks/butter first impressions


1. NYX butter gloss BLG18- ‘cupcake’
2. NYX soft matte lip cream SMLc05- ‘Antwerp’
3. NYX butter lipstick BLS14- ‘taffy’
4. NYX butter lipstick BLS09- ‘candy buttons’
5. NYX butter lipstick BLS03- ‘snowcap’
6. NYX butter gloss BLG12- ‘cherry pie’
7. NYX matte lipstick MLS24- ‘street cred’
8. NYX butter gloss BLG19- ‘sugar cookie’

I bought these lippies a couple days ago and have tried them all out!
My first impression of them all is how amazing they are. I love the colour, the creaminess, and how whether it is a lip stick a lip butter or a matte they all leave my lips smooth and looking amazing they don’t dry my lips out, they stay in place for hours. I can wear them out for dinner or just running my errands!
I will definitely be buying more, and think you all should too!

Kimberli xo


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