Valentines Day- His & Her gift guide

Time to get excited for Valentines day!!!
Most people will say Valentines day is lame,or “why do we only chose one day to show how we care rather than everyday”! Well its not one day, yes show your significant other everyday how much you love them- but life is busy with work, taking care of your family, and you get into a routine where you may lose the spark of spontaneity. So while you love them and you show it every day, this one day you get to spoil your other half, and with that here is my Ultimate His & Her gift guide!!!

Top 10 gift ideas for her:
1: Perfume
2: jewlery- necklace, ring, bracelet
3: makeup- lipstick, pallets
4: 50 shades of Greg nail polish
5: spa day
6: candles- diamond candles or jewel scent (comes with a ring could be anywhere from $10-7500) or you never go wrong with a bath and body works candle
7: home decor- candle holders, apothecary jars
8: picture frame with your favourite picture
9: blanket- throw blanket or a new one for the bed
10: chocolates and roses- you can never go wrong with the cliché gifts

Top 10 gift ideas for him:
1: cologne- I bought my man the sampler set from shoppers to help get an idea of what he does and does not like
2: a new heavy sweater
3: his and her diy mugs (diy tutorial coming soon)
4: saxx boxer briefs- apparently it feels like someone is holding their junk- they love it
5: booze samplers
6: cook book- my man loves to cook
7: sexy lingerie- its for you and him hehe
8: chain
9: his favourite beer and bacon roses
10: diy 52 things I love about you card deck

When trying to figure out what to buy for your significant other think about all their favourite things, how long you have been dating, and if they have hinted at anything they want (which they will).
I hope this ultimate gift guide helped you 🙂 tutorial for the diy mugs coming soon!

Happy Valentine’s day from us to you ❤

Kimberli xo


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