Top 5 DIY Pinterest projects

Well my boyfriend and I move into our own place on April 1 so I have been looking for inexpensive yet still classy ways to decorate our space and make it our own!!!
I took to Pinterest to get some ideas and found five i can not wait to try, I decided to post five of them along with their links to maybe inspire someone else!!!
(Once mine are done i will make an updated post with pictures)

1: Chalkboard paint and a vintage mirror frame
I chose this to be hung in our kitchen area so that when we are out of something or just miss each other between our schedules that we can leave not of it, it is classy and over all just gorgeous in my mind!

2: Jewelry storage frame
I chose this because I feel it just adds so much more to the room then just a box. Plus it is easy to chose which piece to wear that day and still see the beauty of the rest of them. it also takes up no space as it is hung on the wall. A little bonus- you can paint it whatever colour to match your room!!!

3: Perfume holder
Being one of those girls who has a million and a half perfumes i needed a larger perfume holder that still didn’t take up a lot of room in the bathroom/bedroom as i now have to share this space with Ash. This is not only cheap, large and easy to make it is also very cute ( comment if you want to see my Perfume Collection)

4: Couples mugs or matching beer and wine glasses
I love this idea, whether we are drinking our hot drinks or beer and wine together or separately we can not help but be reminded of how much we love one another when we see these! Bonus- have your spouse decorate your mug and you decorate his, just adds that little spark to it!

5: Spa in a Jar
Last but not least- I chose this as a guest gift! when we have a guest come stay with us or girls night a spa in the jar is the perfect way to make them feel at home in someone else’s house- complete with a pair of slippers 😉

Here they are!!!! Hope you enjoy them!!! if you have any DIY projects you have loved and want to share please post them below!!! I look forward to reading your comments and can not wait to share the end results with you



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