What is in my purse!!!


I got this purse from Aldo three months ago!!! I love it, so classy and chic it pulls any outfit together whether it is casual or fancy!


Middle(main) pocket:
In my main pocket I keep

-my makeup bag from sephora 😉

-My Steve Madden wallet (love it I bought it at winners)

– My Aldo sunglasses and cute lace inspired Aldo case

-My tech gloves from Aldo that match my purse!!!! (I love them they are perfect for being able to text or email while out in the cold!!!

-My keys with my Aldo change purse
(The sunglasses, case and change purse are all from their new spring line)

-My pink lighter for my candles

-My fisheye lens from photojojo
*** for a discount on any purchase over 25$ from photojojo just type in the coupon code Beautifulchaos2015 ***

– My bath and body works warm vanilla sugar(my favourite)

– A little lip gloss from Sally’s beauty (Palladio)

-Last thing in this pocket is my Adidas perfume


Front pocket:
In my front pocket I keep all my *personals*
Starting with

– My lululemon Headband! I love this headband it keeps my hair in place and it does not slide!!!

– wet one’s- for those moments when your out and swatching makeup on your hand, or your coffee table at Starbucks is dirty, or even to use to open the bathroom door in public

– My toothbrush, toothpicks and toothpaste— for those days you eat lunch out, stay at a friends place or have a spontaneous road trip!

– My hempz vanilla and peppermint lotion- yum

– Deodorant- for the days you forget to put it on

– Band-Aids— I’m a klutz!

– Listerine packet- for bad coffee breath


Back pocket:
In my back pocket is my ‘tech’ stuff

-My Ipad- I love it- from listening to music, YouTube, surfing my social networks, writing my blogs or reading I love it!

– My Cord’s- iPad, nexus 5 and my portable charger!!!

– Nexus 5 case

– My day planner and my pens- I love technology and its wonderful calendar and organizing apps but I still love to write it out- I feel like it keeps me accountable!!!

Well I hope you enjoyed my “what’s in my purse” but don’t click the exit yet I have a surprise!!!





I have hair clips, hair elastic a little bow that matches my purse, a hair razor, cute double ended high quality tweezers, a very Wang princess rollerball perfume, sensational mascara (AMAZING), Mac shadow, Annabelle eyeliner (it is so creamy), double ended eye shadow brush, nivea raspberry rose lip butter, perfume samples (will have a list of the scents below) and of course my variety of lippies!!!! (A list of them below!!!)

Perfume samples;
1. Ralph Lauren 2
2. Calvin Klein Euphoria
3. Prada Candy Floral
4. Prada Candy Light
5. Marc Jacobs Honey
6. Vera Wang Bejeweled
7. Calvin Klein Downtown

1. Rimmel London Apocalips #501 – Stellar
2. NYC #304 – Mocha
3. Cover Girl Colorlicious #660 – Fruitylicious
4. Kate Rimmel London #14
5. Urban Decay super saturated F-bomb
6. Urban Decay lip junkie Crush
7. Revelon #235 – Mischievous
8.  Maybelline color whisper #90 – Oh La Lilac
9. NYX Butter gloss BLG18 – Cupcake
10. NYX Butter gloss BLG19 – Sugar cookie
11. NYX Butter gloss BLG12 – Cherry pie
12. NYX Butter lipstick BLS03 – Snowcap
13. NYX Butter lipstick BLS14 – Taffy
14. NYX Butter lipstick BLS09 – Candy button
15. NYX Matte lipstick MLS24 – Street cred
16. NYX soft Matte lipcream SMLc05 – Antwerp



Kimberli xo


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