15 Personal Q&A answered just for you!


20 random facts about me
1. I have seven younger siblings
2. I have taken my first year of criminology
3. I first year of social work
4. I want to own a salon
5. I also want to own a cafe.
6. I love to play softball
7.  But mY favourite sport is hockey
8. I can’t skate
9. I don’t speak to most of my family
10. I have a large family
11. My favourite song ATM is cheerleader
12. My Favourite song changes daily
13. My all time favourite movie is grease
14. My natural hair colour is medium brown with red highlights.
15. I’m left handed
16. I’m a Leo
17. I’m 5’6 making me one of the shortest in my family (four of my siblings are still shorter than me for a short time)
18. I’ve had braces
19. I can’t wait to get married and have babies
20. Though I’ve made mistakes, I love my life and I wouldn’t trade anything!

Three legitimate fears I have and how they became Fears.
1. Sheds. > I am terrified to be in a shed with doors shut. When I was younger my parents and their friends used to tease me and threaten to lock me in the shed. So now I just can not be in one with doors shut- sometimes doors open is even hard
2. Walking from the bathroom to my bed in the dark… I don’t know why, it just gives me a feeling in my body like I’m going to be attacked.
3. Ear wigs…. They lay eggs and eat your brain… I know it’s not true but it still terrifies me

Describe your relationship with your parents.
Well its interesting. My mom and I get along until we don’t and then we don’t talk for months. My dad and I have a rocky past, it has gotten better.
My step dad and I get along well.
My step mom and I have a rocky past, and she is a lovely women but she expects me to come to her always and if I don’t talk to her she doesn’t initiate it(same with my dad)

List 10 things you could tell your 16 year old self if you could.
1. Don’t take yourself so seriously
2. Stop worrying what others think
3. Study study study
4. Criminology is not what you want to take
5. Forget what mom says take esthetics its your passion
6. Make time for the people who make time for you
7. Never forget to tell your friends and family you love them
8. Your beautiful
9. You are going to make it
10. Have fun

What are 5 things that make you the most happy right now.
1. My wonderful boyfriend
2. My step kids
3. My blog
4. My friends and family
5. Believing in myself!!!!

What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced.
Not believing in myself and betraying the type of person I really am. Then having to find my way back to myself!

What is your dream job and why!?
My dream job is to own my own salon/cafe in one! I have always had a passion for beauty!
When I go and get my nails done or my eyebrows or my hair I always have a coffee with me because you can not get a coffee usually from your salon. So with a salon/cafe you can get your coffee/tea and a snack right there while waiting to get your nails or hair done. Or if you have a friend or boyfriend with you they can hang out in the cafe and relax rather than having to sit in the salon bored waiting for you!!!

What are 5 passions you have!?
1. Photography
2. Writing
3. Beauty
4. Kids
5. Nature

List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

1. My Nana, she taught me to be honest, loving , crafty, kind, and weird
2. My papa, he taught Me how to be serious but not to serious, he let me practice my love for beauty on him when I was younger!! He taught me how a man should always look at his wife he loves my Nana like no other and most of all he taught me I need to save money.
3. My mom, she taught me love conquers everything, she taught me class and that even when you dont have all the money in the world you can still have everything you need and dream of.
4. My dad, he taught me change, he inspired me to learn forgiveness and taught me strength and communication
5. My step mom, she taught me to take accountability for my own actions, and that though she Is not blood she loves me as if she is , she taught me how to be a great step mom and hopefully one day a great mom
6. My step dad , has taught me love , generosity, forgiveness, accountability, and what a dad should always be!!
7. Riley and keagan- my bf sons. They inspire me to be the most successful, loving ,patient and kind me I can be. They also teach me that unconditional love they may not be of my blood but I love them so much.
8. My wonderful man! He has inspired me to love again.
9. Annette, she is a true friend, a real person and someone who has forgiven a lot and through her forgiveness has also nspired many people with her journey through “it works wraps”
10. Marilyn Monroe, well she is just a beautiful inspiring icon many people should admire! She has inspired me in many ways but most of all to just love my body and myself no matter what!

Describe your most embarrassing moment.
Well, I have a lot so here is my most embarrassing moment in 2014:

On Canada day I was helping a friend walk downtown because she was very very very inebriated! She pulled me one way and my feet were going another so I tripped on the curb and fell. Bringing both of us down to the ground however, while she got up and told me to get up let’s go I couldn’t. I had a massive gash in my knee and a huge ankle. So my friends took off and just left Me there. (How kind right) someone finally got me some help as I’m just laying there in so much pain trying my hardest not to cry as on lookers stop to see if I’m okay or they just stand and stare at me. Finally a first aid worker gets there and I answer his questions while the other pokes and prods at me. They finally get me ready to move to the first ambulance and as I’m being pushed down the main street downtown people are stopping to take picture. It was very embarrassing lonely and painful. I then spent four hours at the hospital trying not to cry and be pissed off cause all my friends ditched me and my parents as much as they wanted to be there for me they couldn’t . So once I was finally let go my wonderful boyfriend drove from sooke where he had just got off work to come get me. (We had only been dating three days at this point).

My 10 biggest pet peeves
1. Loud chewing! I want to rip peoples guts out and shove it down their throats causing them to choke… I mean I’m a lover but seriously I can’t stand the sound.
2. Liars
3. People who can’t keep plan
4. People who smack their lips
5. Chew gum with an open mouth
6. People who walk on my heels
7. Close minded people
8. Reading but not responding to my texts.
9. One sided friendships
10. People who yell talk on buses

Describe a typical day in your current life
A typical day in my life starts at 6/6:30 am when I start work…I roll out of bed and head downstairs in my PJs where I play with babies, once my bosses are home I either plan a blog post, or hang with my boyfriend or a friend or when I just relax shower and hit the hay really early

Describe 5 weaknesses you have
1. I put myself last
2. Confidence isn’t my strong suite
3. Obessive compulsive tendencies
4. Ocd tendencies
5. Chocolate… Chocolate is a weakness

Describe 5 strengths you have
1. Outgoing
2. Strong willed
3. Loving
4. Leader
5. Hardworking

If you could live anywhere where would it be and why?!
England, I love the history and my boyfriend is from there so he would agree to live there.




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