Make Up tutorial

As busy women we like to look put together but in a short time! Well this make up look will do just that!!!

Brow Bone- Bootycall
Tear Duct- Chopper
Crease- Snakebite
Lid- Half baked
Outer V- Busted

I started with the lid moving onto the tear duct and the crease then the outer V then last I did the brow bone to complete the look.
You want to take half baked and lightly put it all over your lid so it is noticeable but not over powering. Lightly take chopper and swipe in down over your tear duct following through your undereye line. After that take snakebite starting in the mid of your crease brush it outward and then inward trying to give it a smokey look. Now it is time for busted take it from the outer corner of your eye brush it upward and inward giving your eye a complete smokey beautiful but light daytime look. Finishing up with bootycall over your brow bone to show the shape of your brow and open your eyes a little more.

I don’t wear mascara or liner when I am doing a soft look as my eyelashes are quite long and dark already.

However, if you wanted to turn this look into a evening look you could add a little more busted over the crease, add mascara and a little but of liner and well as pull chopper underneath your lower lash line.


I hope you enjoyed my Small tutorial!  Follow me for updates and keep an eye out for my YouTube get ready with me tutorial coming soon!

@bchaos2015 – twitter
@Beautifulchaos2015 – instagram

Kimberli XO


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