Moving Chronicles begin

In my entire life I have moved probably around 50 times- crazy.

But no matter how many times you have moved and how much you think you are prepared for it, you never really are. It is over whelming and stressful, you know in the end it is so worth it but, right now it does not feel like there is a plus to all the madness.

So this time I decided to pack way earlier than i usually would.
Packing my clothes, kitchen and bathroom and leaving only enough out for the next two weeks.
While it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders to have most of it done already in quickly realized- I have to live in this place for another week and my life is packed away.

So I’m left feeling empty and alone, as well as excited and so happy for my future with the man of my dreams. So of course the over load on feelings right now is making me feel like a crazy person!


Well I am taking a break from the packing and having a coffee.
I have moved so much that packing should be a breeze… Its not… My favourite is the unpacking.


So here it is, I organized each room. Packed what I could (need to pick up more boxes).
Left enough clothes our for one week, and the things I will need for the week.


While packing I had the time to go through all my stuff and decide what i did and did not want. It was great to de-clutter however, I still managed to have so much stuff!!!

Well this is only part one!!!
Come back and check for part two 😉

Kimberli XO


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