Nanny Life

Well it is my last week with the current family 🙂 
Unfortunately I am super sick which is not the way I wanted to end my time with the adorable twins. It is a good time to blog though!!!

I have to say that the twins have been my favourite to work with> they are sweet, loving, cuddly and so stinking adorable!

I have been a nanny for five years and loved it every step. My life is and has always been surrounded by children. I have seven younger siblings, two adorable step sons, lots of cousins and friends with cute little ones themselves.

It is so much fun taking them to the park, on hikes, to the library, swimming and so much more.


So for all you nannies out there ( or moms or even big sisters) here are some spring and summer ideas to do with those cuties in your life!

°Arts & crafts
°Magic shows
°Play fort
°Plant projects> regrow celery
°Target golf

°Slip and slide
°Drawing on the sidewalk with chalk
°Fly a kite
°Petting zoo> pack a picnic
°Water park
°Lake day>bring sand toys and lunch make a day of it
°Land fishing
°Hike a beautiful trail- pick up leaves to scrap book later. (We like the galloping goose in sooke)
°Make a scavenger hunt (easy or hard depending on age)> scrap book or decoupage it after to keep it as a memory.


And don’t forget to smile

Kimberli XO


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