Moving day!!!

Well the time has come!!!
I am moving out of my current house tonight and into my new house tomorrow!!! (staying at my boyfriends parents for tonight)

So while I was cleaning up my place I took some pictures and thought I would share!!!


This was my closet!!! Such a beautiful thing. Moved in with one suite case and I am moving out with three suite Cases full of clothes. I acquired some new things to make it look more full not realizing when I move i won’t have this closet anymore! I will miss it.



The beautiful bathroom!!! Look at that spa shower!



I love this bedroom, it is beautiful and the king size bed is amazing I will miss it!!!


And last but not least the cute little office!!!

So much space in this suite! I Was so lucky to have such a wonderful space!

I will miss this family and my cute suite but I will keep in touch and we will stay close!

So much has changed in the past 9 months from the time I moved in to now moving out. It has been an amazing time, i am a stronger, better loving person then before.

It is sad to move out because I will miss seeing the babies everyday.

I can not wait to show you all my new place 😉

Kimberli XO


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