Throw back Thursday

Well I have two throw backs for you today 😀

The first one is from what I assume is 1996 (I would be 5, Damon 6, summer(blonde) 3 and latarrah 4. (It may be a year ahead ???))
We were all so cute!!!
I may not talk to them all the time (or one of them at all) but I love them and they are my family.


This second one is from Halloween 2010
Can you tell I was a cat 😉 I am pretty sure this was night one of three nights haha (I was puss in boots the night after).
This was by far the best Halloween I’ve had, it was so fun and it was spent with some of my closest friends so what else can you ask for ;).
I love Halloween in general I mean you get to dress up, drink and basically be what you want with no judgment ;). This pas Halloween was pretty good too only because I spent it with the love of my life.


Hope you enjoyed my #tbt

Kimberli XO


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