Blog Invasion


[♪♫I Came in Like a Wrecking ball♪♫] hehe…

Hey Beauties!

My Name is Annette and I am editor of


I am so excited that I get to take over Kimi’s Blog and Introduce Myself! 

Super-Extra-special Thank you’s go to my blogging BFF for allowing me to be a part of her creativity!

Kimi and I go back about 5 years and met while working at Claire’s. (Yes, The accessory shop!) We had amazing times together both inside of work and out. However, Our friendship hasn’t always been so simple. But  complicated with a few rough patches along the way. I absolutely love that we have reconnected and We are ready to #BringIt For you guys!

Here we go, A bit about me!

I am a mother of Two children ages 7 & 3, Boy do I Love it! 

I started as a Beauty, Health & lifestyle blog. I have a passion for makeup, Body Contouring & healthy lifestyle changes. I am also a Licensed It Works Distributor in Victoria, BC. My blog will bring you into life as an It Works Momma & Show you all my mini passions that I have along the side.

When I am away from my Blog and my business I am usually painting my Nails or  playing with kids/makeup. I am expanding my blog to be everything I Love! Starting March 30th, 2015 I will be launching my Brand new blog schedule will be as listed Below:

*Mani & Makeup Monday

Test it Tuesday

Wrap It Wednesday

Throwback Thursday

Freebie Friday

Success at home Sunday*

I can’t wait to get show you all more of what I do! Thank You to everyone who read my blog invasion, Don’t worry . . . I’m sure I’ll be back! 

Don’t Forget! Kimi and I have a great Giveaway going on right now at: (Mobile Friendly) Enter to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card & More! Ending 04/03/15 Open to US/CAN

That’s all for now folks! 

“I’m Always Wrapped Up!”

Come and Find me on Social Media, I love connecting with my Readers! 

Facebook: Perfectly Wrapped Up

Instagram: @PerfectlyWrappedUp

Twitter: @AlwaysWrappedUp

Pinterest: @alwayswrappedup

Kimberli XO


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