My sick day routine


Good Morning beauties!!! 
Well as I am sure you can tell from the headline I am sick 😦
I thought I would share my sick day routine with all of you so let’s get started!!!

Sick day outfit —
PJs and a blanket


I usually start my morning with a coffee but when I’m sick I put the coffee away and boil some water. Once the water is boiled I cut up some lemon and ginger to pour the water onto then once it is ready to drink I add a tablespoon of honey into it!
Not only does it taste good it has amazing health benefits!



While drinking my tea I will catch up on social media and emails. Just because I am sick doesn’t mean I can let it all slip through the cracks.


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Once I am done catching up on social media and I am done my tea, I go and brush my teeth and gently splash cold water on my face just to stay refreshed. I also keep refreshed by always keeping my fruit infused water close by!

Once I am done with refreshing my face i will set up on the couch with my notebook and my iPad and plan some blogs and promote my social media pages. Then throw on a movie, genre depending on if I have the kids or not.
Today I have Keagan home and Riley is at school so we are watching Alpha and omega.

So all in all I make sure to relax and stay hydrated. It ensures I will get healthy as quickly as possible.

Check out “my sick must haves” and leave me a comment below telling me yours!!!

Sick Day essentials:
* Social Media
* Slippers
* PJs
* Water
* Honey, lemon, ginger and hot water
* My notebook
* Warm, cozy and fluffy blanket
* Lotion to keep your skin soft
* Kleenex
* Cold and sinus medicine
and last but not least

Kimberli XO


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