Wardrobe staples!

Well here it is! My last post before my new schedule comes out! (If you didn’t see it- my new schedule http://wp.me/p5DY4e-5C)
So let’s go out with a bang—into my closet!

Let’s start with my favourite staple article!!!



(Left to right)
Michael kors , Aldo, charming charlie, Aldo, blue notes, Aldo


(Left to right)
Barts and home made (nana made it)

I never leave the house without a scarf! I have scarves for winter, spring, summer and fall!
I feel they complete every outfit!



Charming charlie watch!


(Top to bottom)
Pandora, Kate spade, Avon

I love to wear dainty pieces, I feel put together,chic and girly without over doing it!



(Left to right)
Ardenes, Aldo, (not sure where the Grey and brown ones are from), walmart

Last but not least! Boots! I wear them with almost every outfit I possibly can! I love the way they look chic yet classic casual and comfy.

What are your go to staple pieces?
Comment below and let me know!

Kimberli XO


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