Hair and Makeup

Happy Thrusday!!!

Well the new blog schedule is now in effect!!!

Todays Look 😀


Make up of the day.  Naked 2 Palette

Booty Call– Entire lid – to brighten the look since I will be using darker colours.

Half Baked– Eyelash line,to make my eyes pop. With dark colours your eyes can start to look a small so with a little bit of gold it helps brighten and pop.

Pistol– Lid, I love this colour! It is pure beauty.

Busted– Outer V, this colour is my favourite… I probably use it to much haha. The Outer V is the colour everyone can see and completes the eye look. ❤ absolutely love it.


My Hair… I always have issues with my hair, I am not the most creative and it usually just ends up straight. Well not today!

My hair was wavy from yesterday so I went with it. I pulled it back, braided both sides and pulled those onto each sides. Curled my loose pieces and bravo!

IMG_20150402_103633 IMG_20150402_103638

Well I am out the door ! Busy day ahead of me !!! Have a great day!!!!


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