Travel Tuesday #1

South Island!

Welcome to the first Travel Tuesday, over the next four weeks we will be taking a virtual road trip across Vancouver Island!

We will be looking at the best places to see, eat, shop, Nightlife, stay and camp!

I am so excited to start this fabulous journey, it is going to be a long exciting read so grab your coffee and get comfy 😉

Today we start with the South of the Island, it is a large area so I will be cutting it into 3 different areas.

First lets start with the most well known of them all

Victoria-  Lets start with Parks and Beaches in Victoria.

  • Beacon Hill Park- It is great for an afternoon stroll in the park, for a picnic, or hey there is even a petting zoo!!!
  • Goldstream Park- Great for camping, day trips, hiking and even catching the salmon run
  • Flemming Beach- It has a beautiful wading area if you want to dip your toes in the ocean in the summer while the kids play in the sand. it also has beautiful history and some of the best places to rock climb
  • Elk/Beaver Lake- it is a beautiful 10K walk! a great swim (elk lake side) great for bbq and birthdays in the summer
  • Esquimalt lagoon- is a beautiful stretch of ocean where you can feed swans and geese.
  • Thetis Lake- Probably the most well known and liked lake in victoria

These are not all the parks and beaches in victoria but they are some of my favourites!

Next lets talk about Restaurants and Hotels.

  • The Marriot Hotel- probably my favourite, it has great rooms, restaurant and a lovely clean pool
  • Empress Hotel- The oldest and most famous hotel victoria has to offer, with amazing history
  • Laurel point Inn- I would suggest this hotel for any event or celebration you ever host
  • Montana’s- it is famous for its wing but there is so much more to it then that
  • The Keg- best steak and lobster you will find on the west coast
  • Fifth St Bar and Grill- Delicious food, fabulous atmosphere, great for birthday dinners and first dates
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory-The best family restaurant. The best pasta.

These Hotels and Restaurants are sure to please and bring you to your knees but thats not all our city has to offer.

The Nightlight is our next stop, after you have checked into your hotel, checked out the scenery and gotten dinner you are not quite ready to go to sleep just yet.

  • Darcys Pub- Is a great place to go for drinks or to dance. They always have a wonderful live band or great music
  • The Fox- it is more than just a strip club, its a great place to go play pool and interact with some great people
  • The Duke- the one and only country bar on the south Island
  • Touch nightclub- The only club that has three different rooms playing three different genres of music


(Beacon Hill Park)

Saanichton/Sidney– Lets start with Parks and Beaches

  • Butchart Gardens (Brentwood Bay)
  • Sidney Pier
  • Island View Beach

Lets talk restaurants and hotels 😀

  • Blues Bayou Cafe(Brentwood Bay)
  • Spitfire grill (sidney)
  • Brentwood bay resort and spa
  • Sidney pier hotel

Now of course because we are so far away from downtown Victoria now you would not think there is much for a nightlife. But there are some fun places that is for sure!

These are my top two I would suggest!

  • Charles Dickens Pub (Sidney)
  • Bleue Coyote Pub (Brentwood bay)

They both have delicious food and great drinks and atmosphere.


(Sidney Pier)

Now the last part of this weeks trip

Sooke/Port Renfrew (and surrounding areas)

This last part I will mostly be focusing on the breathtaking scenery this side of the Island has to offer. So here is my list of go to places from Sooke to Port Renfrew!

  • Kemp Lake (Sooke) – this is my favourite lake to go to at night stare at the stars and listen to the frogs
  • Sooke River Campground- It is a beautiful campsite with a beautiful scenery. plus it is close to a liquor store (SCORE)
  • Moms Cafe (Sooke)- delicious food and makes you feel at home.
  • Gordons Beach (Sooke)- take a beautiful walk over the pier and enjoy the sun
  • Jordan River (westcoast trail) – a very small and beautiful town with what feels like a rich history. Plus the best surfing this side of Tofino
  • China Beach (westcoast trail)- take a day trip and fall in love with the ocean
  • French Beach (westcoast trail) a combo between the open breezy ocean and the tight beautiful forest.
  • Botanical Beach (Port Renfrew)- take a wonderful stroll with the one you love
  • Port Renfrew Hotel- You feel like you are waking up in the most secluded place (secret is you love it)
  • Coastal Kitchen Cafe (Port Renfrew)- delicious food, makes you feel like grandmas cooking

china beach

(China Beach)

Hope you enjoyed the first segment of Travel Tuesday!

use the hashtag #ExploreVancouverIsland to join the conversation.


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