Do you like FREE?

Good Afternoon!

Sorry it is a late post, it has been a busy day of cleaning and shopping getting ready for the boys to arrive (they are home for two weeks yay).

Let’s jump right into this!!!

Do you like free ? Yeah, me to!

So I am going to share my well known secrets on how I get my free samples (and even some full size products).
So here are the two I love to use!

Influenster and BzzAgent

You answer surveys and share on social media and based off of that you are invited to campaigns.
They send you products to try out and you share on twitter, Facebook, Instagram on your opinion, experience and tell everyone where you got it from 🙂

My current campaigns I am involved in are
bzzagent- Crest 3D white Brilliance toothpaste and polish.
Influenster-  l’oreal firbralogy  hair care collection

So to hear more about these campaigns make sure to follow me on my social media 😉
Twitter- @bchaos2015
Facebook- Beautifulchaos
Instagram- @beautifulchaos2015


If you would like to get free stuff then just click below and sign up 😉

(Also check out my social media page and make sure you are following me- for contests, deals and fun advice xo)

I also sign up for free samples from

I hope you enjoyed this and use these little ways to get free stuff in your life.

Check out my Facebook page to keep up with my contests! (Current one is a Mani/pedi) xoxo

Kimberli XO


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