Girls night in ;)

Happy Social Saturday 😀
Girls night musts haves, games and movies 😉

Let’s start with the girls night in must haves!

* Pajamas these are a must comfy and cute 😉
* wine!!!!
* Girly movies your other half never wants to watch with you :p
* Snacks- nothing like munching out with the girls !!
* Nail stuff!!! There is nothing better than being girly painting your nails and making yourself feel pretty
* Slippers- keep your feet warm!
* Home made face masks (diy coming soon xo)
* Board games!
BONUS- craft stuff, nothing like being able to take a piece of your girls night home with you for memories!

Now here are a couple ideas for board games for girls night 🙂

* I’ve never
*  Cards against humanity
* Apples to Apples
*  Headbanz
* Quelf
* Smartass
* Heads up

Best Girls night movies

* Clueless
* A walk to remember
* What a girl wants
* what to expect when your expecting
* Mean girls
* Bridesmaids
* Magic Mike
* All I wanna do

I love hosting girls night , hope my tips and tricks get you excited to host one soon!!!

Have a great weekend! I’ll talk to you all on Monday.

Kimberli XO


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