Inside my life ❤

Happy Monday!
Hope you all had a great weekend 🙂

We got the boys last Thursday so we had a really fun weekend, went to my moms for Saturday night and they got to play with my brother and sister.

Since these next two weeks we have the boys, I start my new job and I’m learning how to balance everything life throws at us I decided that this was the perfect blog to write.

Let’s start with the new job – it is only seasonal but that’s perfect (especially if I decide sept is when I want to go back to school). I will be working for Wilson Transportation working with cruise ships 🙂 I am very excited to start, I love working with people and being outside is even better since it will be summer (Hello Tan)!!!


Next let’s jump right into the big one – living with my man and jumping right into the step mom role. I love living with Ash, I won’t deny there are days were it is hard – if we don’t agree on something or we have different ways of dealing with things however, I wouldn’t change anything. Every disagreement makes us stronger, I fall in love with him more and more each day!  When it gets tough I get emotional I am not easy to deal with all the time and I know that (I can be really mean) but I am learning to take a step back and just breath, realize its not the end of the world and we will get past it.
While it is hard it is also amazing, fun and Wonderful. I get to go to sleep(well he puts me to bed ahah) and wake up next to the man of my dreams! We joke around and play he takes me on date nights and for drives out of the blue. He is the most supportive loving person i have ever met and above all he keeps me grounded (and my shopping under wraps)

I am also so lucky because I have two wonderful step sons who I love as if they are my own! Again it is a hard job to just jump into because they don’t understand at a young age who this new person in their life is and why they are taking on a parental role.
That being said I am not taking over the role as their mom nor do I want to they have a great mom already however, there is never to much love for a child and that’s the way I choose to look at it.
They challenge me in ways I never expected and they show me love and kindness in ways I’ve never felt.
They also challenge my authority but they are children and children do that to all adults it does not matter who the adult is.
It is great two weeks out of the month I take on a parental role where I get up and get Riley ready for school and a lunch packed and feed them breakfast. I take on a role and responsibility that gives great fulfillment (even when I really don’t want to get out of bed!)


Last but not least my top five goals for the summer 🙂
1: get my N
2: apply for my course
3: follow through with my business venture (its a secret for now)
4: get some DIY projects done
5: start vlogging 😉


Kimberli XO


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