Above are the two tattoos I already have and love!! The top one is on my right arm and it says
“She flies with her own wings” in Italian, I loved this quote and I was learning to be independent when I got it so it was and still is a great reminder!

The bottom tattoo is on my back and says
“Never lose your sense of wonder”
Again totally believe it to be a great reminder  it continues to remind me not to take anything for granted and live each day with all of your heart & soul.


Now Above are the tattoos I want and plan on getting still.
(From top left to bottom right)

The sugar skull face is one I have loved forever, I want it on my thigh.

The mermaid is one I have had picked out since I was younger. I plan on getting it on my calf, I love the simple beauty of it and mermaids have always been my favourite mystical creature.

Ohm shanti I love the message and peace behind this tattoo!

The feather with little birds coming out is beautiful, I have always wanted it. Yes it’s a clichĂ© tattoo but I love it and it goes along with my tattoos I already have.

The sunflower, it is probably the tattoo with the most meaning. When I was younger I used to grow sunflowers with my Nana, so I associate these flowers with my Nana and papa and it just makes me happy and at peace especially when I’m having a bad day.

Do you have any tattoos?
Any tattoos you want?
Leave a comment below!!!

Kimberli XO


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