Beauty Rant

Good Morning Beauties,
Hope this Thursday morning is going wonderfully for you all!!!
Its been a busy week so I am excited the weekend is almost here.


Started my job on Monday- got to spend it in the sun and checking out the route the cruise shuttles will be taking- plus a beautiful walk through Butchart Gardens.


Below is a rant, it may not be your opinion but it is mine. So if you want to read it then keep scrolling, if not I’ll talk to you in my next post

I have been debating writing about this but I feel I have an opinion a lot if people share.
Girls who wear so much make up they look like a different person (cake face) I mean I wear make up and I totally respect that women love to wear it as a passion or to make them feel beautiful.
However, when you are wearing concealer, foundation, powder, setting powder, bronzer and blush it just seems like a lot.

I wear mascara eye shadow liner and lipstick, I like to accentuate my assets not completely change them!

I love to watch these YouTube gurus do their make up tutorials but the before VS the after look like two different people and all I can help but think is ;

I wish women all over would realize how beautiful they are. Yes it is a cliché however, we are all beautiful in our own way. Not one person is perfect to societies measures. Everyone has faults, that’s the way life’s supposed to be.

Society tries to show us an ‘Ideal’ beauty but there is no such thing and proof of this has been shown over the years. As time goes on ‘beautiful’ changes, i mean in the 60’s women were desired if they had curves and now a days societies ‘ideal’ is runway thin. Now I’m not saying runway thin isn’t beautiful because it is but so are curves.

Women need to empower other women, not buy into societal pressure to be the same as everyone else just to fit in.

Stop allowing other people to tell you that you do not add up – you are beautiful !!!
Rant over. Sorry.


We are all


Kimberli XO


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