Travel Tuesday #4

Welcome to the last segment of #TravelTuesday

I am so happy you have all followed me on this journey!

This last post we won’t be going anywhere, just some hidden spots I haven’t talked about yet!!!

Let’s go!

Let’s go the first place I didn’t get to talk to you about

Was actually one of the gulf islands-
Salt spring Island
I love this island, it’s full of friendly people!
I absolutely love Moby’s pub, it’s an island hot spot where you are always likely to have a good time.

On a hot summers day there’s nothing better than to break out your swim suit and hit St. Mary’s lake!


Another hidden treasure of the island is
Jordan River
It is a very small town on the ocean! Straight beautiful!


And last hidden treasure I love on this island is
This small town is known for its beautiful art work on the buildings, the gorgeous ocean front land and of course the small theater that always has wonderful Dinner and shows!!!


(Pictures were found on Pinterest)

Thank you for following my adventure!

I am excited to say Travel Tuesday was a huge success among my readers, and I am thrilled!

Keep an eye out for my new segment, I’ll be announcing it in the next week!

Kimberli XO


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