Curls and buns xo

With working two jobs, running a photography business, writing and managing a blog on top of making time for my boyfriend, family and friends the last thing I want to do is spend hours on my hair and makeup!

So with these go to looks I can spend minimal time on them and still look put together and professional!

If you have hair like mine then all you really have to do is have a shower and throw it is a messy bun to get gorgeous curls!
Otherwise take day old hair and you flat iron-
Take the flat iron and wrap it around your hair to create cute bouncy curls!!!



Once you have your curls take all of you hair and twist it in the same direction the curls go to give you you cute bun


To make the look even cuter leave a piece of hair out and braid it, wrap the braid around the bun to make it look that much more put together.


For another cute bun look take a sock, cut the tip off of it and roll it into a circle, grab some bobby pins and two hair elastics


Put your hair into a pony, take the sock and slide it over the pony.
Evenly separating your hair over the sock  take the smaller hair elastic and place it over the sock.
Wrap the left over hair around the outside and bobby pin it all in to place!


Last but not least take you hair pull it into a pony, pull random strands out, pulling the rest of your hair in to a bun. Take the random strands and make sure to touch up there curls!
It creates a pulled together messy bun!


These are my go to curls and buns!

Hope you enjoyed, have a great Thursday!

Kimberli XO


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