Mothers Day Gift Guide

The women in your life who have helped shape you in to the person you are today deserves to be spoiled and shown that they are appreciated!

This day is not about the gifts, it is about the love, smiles and true appreciation.

They spend countless hours making sure you have everything you need and want!

So Here’s the ultimate gift guide for the mothers, step mothers, guardians, aunts, sisters,  grandmothers, wives and of course your best friends, in your life for this Mothers Day!
– I find it more of a day to celebrate women, because we build each other up!

Let’s start with
* Silk Scarf
* Spa package
* Diy spa set
* Necklace

Step Moms:
* Bracelet
* Purse
* Spa package
* Diy Lush bath bomb

* Gift Basket
* Spa package
* Diy photo collage

* Gift basket
* Manta band bracelet
* Diy candle holder

* Tile photo coasters
* Diy mugs
* Thumbprint family tree
* Chocolate
* Apron with a cute photo

Best Friend:
* Tile photo coasters
* manta band bracelet

* Matching necklace
* Pedi date

* Necklace
* Spa Package
* Getaway

Hope you all have a Wonder day and remember
Build each other up! You are all Beautiful! Xo

Kimberli XO


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