Hair care routine

Hello beauties!!!

Let’s jump right into it!

My daily hair care routine!

I won’t wash my hair everyday however I do have daily steps to make sure my hair is the healthiest it can be!

On a wash day
I will let the warm slightly cold water run over my hair (not hot as that will dry it out)
Once I have let the couple days of build up run out I will lather my hair with the choice of the month (this month I am using Herbal Essences naturals with fig scent)  lather it up let it sit for a min and then rinse.
Then I will grab my conditioner the same as my shampoo and lather that in I will comb it through to make sure there is no missed spots and no knots! I’ll let that sit for 5 minutes while it sits I will brush my teeth and wash my face.

Once that is all rinsed out and I am out of the shower I will towel dry my hair and then let it air dry.
Once it is mostly dry I will add my Moroccan, argan or right now I’m using a herbal essence fig oil. This will help with building your natural oils in your hair as well as keeping the Friz at bay and your hair soft and naturally beautiful.


Once a month I will use my hair masque or coconut oil again just to keep it soft, silky and healthy.


On a non wash day
I will brush my hair out to make sure there are no tangles and apply the oil I used the day before concentrating on the ends mostly to keep them looking soft and straight.

If I am going to straighten it curl my hair I will spray my hair in sections with my chi heat spray to protect it. I love this stuff! Once I spray it all I will brush it again to make sure it is through all my hair.

If I am not straightening or curling my hair I will throw it in a messy bun, or a pony tail or even just half back to keep it out of my face but still looking under control and cute!


Every night before bed I will brush my hair to keep it from getting tangled!

I hope you enjoyed my hair care routine, I know I do!


Kimberli XO


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