Don’t forget your friends when you get a man!

We all do it, get a new special someone in our life and suddenly our best friends fall to the back burner!


We forget to make time for our girls and sometimes even lose them as friends completely.

I know I have done this and it was not until I needed them the most that I had realized what I was doing.

So from that I learned I have to make time for my friends, for my sanity, my friendship and even my relationship!


I try to set a side one day a week. Every second week or even once a month to hang with friends. It is healthy to have that break from your significant other and work!
(Just make sure that you let your love know so he does not plan anything for the two of you)

Ideas for a girls day/night :
* kick the men out and have a girls slumber party in like you were young again!
* girls night outgo for dinner, shopping, drinks, dancing- even meet up with your men afterward to make it a full night out!
* take a beach day
* go on a road trip!!!!



My friends are some of the best a girl could ask for, sure we fight but we always come back together and I know with out a doubt if I need them they are there!
I don’t want to take advantage of friendships so to make sure I don’t I make time for them!
Make sure you do too!

Friends are our sanity!

Stay Beautiful XO


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