Fibralogy review

Good Morning Beauties!!!

So here is my Fibralogyworks review!
I absolutely love the stuff, kind of wish it came with a larger bottle of the booster (or more that they made the bottle larger).
It smells Wonderful and I have really noticed a difference in the volume and thickness of my hair!
I am a Shampoo&Conditioner snob and have a lot of them, so when I say this is my absolute Favourite combination you have to know that is a great set!



Here is my Pony Test 🙂



It feels and looks amazing!!!

I recommend it completely!

I give it a


And a special message to a special angel!

Rest in peace to an amazing Great Grandma.
She was 98, that’s an amazing life.
9 kids( as well as their spouses) ,  26(or more plus significant other’s) grandkids, 15 (plus) great grandkids – of which I was the first!
She was kind, loving, funny, independent, strong, accepting, and the most beautiful leader of a large family!
She will forever be missed and always in our hearts
Ruth Grant
October 19, 1917 – May 12, 2015

Stay Beautiful XO


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