For all you brides to be!


With wedding season upon us whether you are planning your wedding, a sisters, or a friends you can be guaranteed you have been thinking about the bachelorette party!

I mean I am not even engaged yet and I’m already excited for mine!

Its your last official night to go out with your friends and really just let it all out! Its the last night where it will be accepted if you get so waisted and forget that you broke into some guys pool and swam naked on a dare 😉

There are obviously still things that will not be okay like you can’t kiss another guy!

There will be other night where you go out with your girls, but at the same time it won’t be the same!

You will be married !!!

So here is a few tips and tricks for the beauties planning your bachelorette party to make it the best!

• Make it a night to remember, for you and your friend!
• Do all the cliché things like a bride scavenger hunt, dress up the bride, drink till you drop!
• No drama
• Hire a photographer to capture your night, these are memories she won’t want to forget!
• To make it easier, have a theme and have people dress up for that theme.
• Make gift bags!!! (Read below to see what I suggest to have in them)
• Make ‘bride to be’ and ‘her bitches’ (or whatever) shirts for the bachelorette party.


Now back to those gift bags, here is what I suggest you put in them… And a few special presents just for the bride(*) !

• Mini wine and a wine glass
• Water bottle and tyenol
• Ring pops
• Lip Balm
• Nail polish
• Disposable Camera
• A monogram necklace for the bride
• A photo album/guest book for the bride to remember the party
• Mints
• Chocolate
• Mini penis eraser
• Sexy Undies 😉


I hope you all enjoyed! If you or someone you know is getting married tweet me a picture using the hashtag #BridesBeautyBitches


Stay Beautiful XO


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