Rebuilding a broken friendship

We all have that one friend that you lost and miss!
While we want so bad to just go back to the “normal” it is so much easier said than done.
Especially if you are the one that has done something to break it apart in the first place.

Here are my tips, tricks and advice to get you back on to the road of friendship!
(I personally have used them)

A – If you are at fault start by apologizing, even if you are not completely at fault still do your part and say “I am sorry”.
By apologizing you are beginning to let go of the resentment, anger, hurt and negative feelings.
This allows them to put their guard down and forgive and maybe return the apology!

B – If they are at fault or you share the fault, allow them to apologize to you and be open to forgiveness.
Your anger is only hurting you and theirs is only hurting them.

Start small. Go for coffee, for a walk or just a quick meet up.
Don’t jump in just expecting it to go back to the way it was there will be hurt lingering around that really needs to be addressed!

Don’t be on the defensive.
Don’t take everything as a personal attack, sometimes their the friend that is honest and upfront whether you like it or not!

If you get in to an argument do not say something with out thinking first. Don’t type in the moment. Its a fresh friendship don’t say something to go backwards

Be patient they won’t always have the same opinion as you. That’s okay!

Don’t give up when it gets hard. Just like in a relationship, your building a friendship to last. Nothing is easy and those who give up will never find what they are looking for.
In anything.!!!

Above all of these remember:
Kindness, patience, generosity, love, forgiveness and acceptance!

These things build and maintain a lasting friendship, and remember to let your friends know you appreciate, care and are always there for them!

Have a great week beauties!

Know that if you aren’t feeling like you have anyone that I love, appreciate and care about all of you!


Stay Beautiful XO


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