May Review

Welcome back to this months review!!!

I love to take photos whether they are for my blog, my business, or just for personal use I find it relaxing and fulfilling to find a new inspiration!

For this I love to use my Nikon coolpix L830


It has a fantastical picture quality, reasonably priced and great zoom capability!  (34x optical zoom WIDE, full HD)
* Easy to use
* high end for a low end price
* eye catching
* swivel and twist screen
* instant sharing

It is great for taking photos for a blog or starter up photography business!

I would not suggest this camera if you are wanting one for high end professional photography, YouTube sensations or for vlogging.
* sound quality is poor
* to large to vlog with
* video quality is poor

I also do not like the fact that you have to buy four AA batteries, I much prefer when they come with a rechargeable battery.



All in all I quite enjoy my camera, I plan on upgrading for a better photography camera as well as a vlogging camera so I can start vlogging.

For now this is my baby and it works for what I need at this moment!


Stay Beautiful XO


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