One of those moments!

It happens, we all have those fights with our significant other. You know it, I know it, the lady down the street knows it!

Whether it is about who let the light on, not spending time together or whos family we visit on holiday’s!


Here’s my trick to getting through those silly arguments and coming out on the other side stronger!

When we are in a fight I will get to a point where I put my battle to always be right aside and ask myself “is this worth it?” “Do I want this to ruins my relationship?” “Did he hurt me, cheat on me or lie to me?” If the answer is no to these questions I put my pride aside and apologize, allow them the space to get to the same conclusion and make up with a kiss!

Now if you answered yes to the first question you need to get some space and come back together once you have both calmed down voice how the other made you feel and what you would like to see them do to make you feel better! Also vice versa- make sure you are also making them feel loved, listened to and appreciated! Relationships are a two way street!

Now if you answered yes to the second and last question its time to walk away, even if its for a break to really reevaluate your relationship and what you both want! You may love each other but sometimes that’s not enough!

If you are with the one your meant to be with they won’t need to cheat, lie or hurt you just remember that!
You deserve to be treated like a King or Queen!


My King!

Make sure you are also always honest, faithful and kind!

Have fun, connect, but also allow for space!

Don’t forget your friends!!! (Check out my blog post on juggling friendships and relationships)

Stay Beautiful XO


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