Beauty Icons

Hello Thursday!!!
Today I am going to tell you my all time top 5 Beauty Icons!!!

I have many that I admire and have inspired me into the woman I am more than just fashion. However, these five are not only iconic and gorgeous they are also beautiful inside as well!

1: Marilyn Monroe – By far the most amazing, dealing with her own personal demons still managed to be an inspiration of her time and still in today! She shined with personality, beauty and showed the masses of all generations woman with curves are just as sexy!

2: Audrey Hepburn – An icon for all women, she’s beautiful smart, marked as a legend on screen contributed her time to organizations to help those in need!

3: Natalie Wood – gorgeous, kind, family oriented and did not care what others opinions were of her.

4: Grace Kelly – was princess of Monaco (after marrying their prince) talented, gorgeous and humble!

5: Katharine Hepburn – known for her independent and spirited personality! Absolutely stunning!

They all inspired me in different ways through their movies, watching old interviews and just reading about them.

Live each day with grace, pride, integrity and love!

Stay beautiful


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