May Favourites

Yay another monthly Favourites! This month has been so busy that these things are what keeps me calm and sane!

Let’s jump in!

Bath and Body works Oceanside Candle:
I love this candle! A blend of citrus, melon and refreshing ocean air it Is a perfect scent for early summer! Takes you on a vacation of the mind


Mask of Magnaminty: 
I love this Lush self preserving mask! It smells delicious, can be used as a face wash or a mask. The spearmint and China clay make for a deep cleanse! There are aduki beans to exfoliate dry skin, vanilla to reduce the red and honey to sooth the skin. I love Lush but this by far is my new favourite product from there!


Glysomed foot balm:
I have very dry feet, painfully dry! I find this stuff actually helps to relieve the dryness and cracks! It contains Shea butter, olive oil and a little peppermint! This stuff is a foot saver!


Starbucks tall tumbler:
I love to drink water, but with the job I am now working I also have to drink water! So instead of buying a water bottle I wanted something cute, classy and that I was still able to travel with! This gold and white tumbler did just the trick and I love drinking through a straw! Plus in the summer time I can take it to the beach and look fabulous!


Nivea Lip butter- Raspberry Rose:
I love anything lip product!
I also get really dry lips in the summer time, so this not only was my winter saving grace it is also now my summer one too!
It leaves my lips feeling moisturized and smooth! With a shine of perfection 😉


Hawaiian tropic- Sheer touch:
I got this in a sample box and was so grateful! I work outside in direct sunlight everyday, the last thing I wanted was to get a burn on my face (everywhere else tans, but the face burns!)
I love the scent, the sparkles and the fact that I have a tan face instead of a burn all because of this!


Okay so now I am going to do something that I haven’t before, App and Artist of the month! I have recently been trying out new apps and listening to new music so what better way to share that then create a new topic!

App of the month:
PicsArt photo studio!
Love this app, you can do anything from draw to create beautiful effects on your picture!
It is better than any editing software I have seen on computers!



Artist of the Month:
The Weeknd, a co-worker recently introduced me to him and I quickly became obsessed!
His real name is Abel Tesfaye and he’s from Canada which makes him even more intriguing!
He started on YouTube and since then has grown. He is a rap artist/ R&B, I am not one to really like that genre but I am quickly falling in love with it due to this man!


I hope you all enjoyed this months Favourites!
Comment below and tell me your favourite App of the month!

Stay Beautiful XO


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