Scheduling, planning and organization

Hello Beauties!

I hope everyone is have a fabulous first day of June!


I wanted to talk to you guys about how I plan and schedule my blog post, keep up with updates and connections while also not letting anything fall apart in “the real world” !

I plan a month or two ahead! 
Monday is beauty
Thursday is lifestyle
And then we have
Social Saturday!

I will write out the dates and what the topic is then I will come up with ideas. Once I have them all written down I will copy it in to my phone planner, iPad calendar and fridge calendar. If I write it all three places I will not only be held accountable but I will also be less likely to forget!

Once I have it scheduled I will usually plan out two or three posts for that week, I will write it out in my notebook and find/take photos to go along with the topics!
(I am currently writing out two more blog posts for this week too)
I do this on my days off, that way while I’m at work I’m not worried about having to post it late!

Now on to how I keep up with connections and organized
I get a lot of emails in a day having four different email accounts (one for my blog, one for Happy Days, one for samples and websites and one for everything else)
I keep my emails all in one app so they are all easy access! I make sure to spend a couple hours a week going through my emails and deleting the ones I don’t need and saving the ones in their appropriate folders that I will be keeping.
Some folders for my blog I have
*business opportunity
*other bloggers
*blogs I want to read
*connections -non-bloggers

I love being organized and prepared it makes for a stress free life.
I love writing my blog, so If I can make all that easier i will! My blog keeps me grounded, humble and happy!

I am happy to say that it has opened me up in a way I wasn’t expecting I am proud of who I am and the content I am creating!
I am so happy for what I have planned for the future and I can not wait to share it with you!

I have a few blog posts coming up that are more personal then what I have been writing, while they are going to be hard to write they will be worth it and I can not wait to share it all with you!


Stay Beautiful XO


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