Girls night out… Outfits

Good morning beauties,
I have a girls day out planned for this month so wanted to share my outfit ideas!

I don’t do the club scene anymore, so my outfit ideas are a little more classic/Laid back. Also completely affordable, I wanted to bring you options that won’t break the bank!

This first outfit is not only cute but so comfortable, definitely one you can transition from day to night!


Jacket: Old Navy $65
Pink shirt: Old Navy $10
Blue striped skirt: Old Navy $30
Black wedges: Shoe warehouse $65

This next outfit is more of one I would wear in the fall when it is getting cold out.
It is classic you can go to dinner or go sit in a pub, either way you will fit in!


Black boots with gold details: Walmart $25
Blue and white sweater: Bootleggers $40
Dark wash jeans: Costco $30

Here they are pulled together!


I hope you all enjoyed this,
Comment below and tell me your go to outfit for girls night!

Stay Beautiful XO


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