Reverse Bucket list

Good evening my beauties,

I have seen these all around lately and I love reading them so why not create one!

While it may not be a lot of achievements they are mine and I am proud of them!

My reverse bucket list:

1. Went on a Cruise (Celebrity, to Alaska back in 2009)
2. Went to Vegas, got to see my mom marry the love of her life.
3. Went to the phantom of the opera (in Vegas with my parents and grandparents)
4. Travelled through Canada ( BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario) and the states (Alaska, Vegas, California, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington)
5. Met the love of my life
6. Been to 5 concerts
7. Found my inner peace
8. Created Happy Days Photography
9. Created lasting relationships and let go of ones that were not good for me.
10. Created my blog!

Well they may not be as spectacular I wouldn’t change them for the world!


Check out my bucket list

Stay Beautiful XO


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