Orange is the new Black Review

I remember when I first heard about Orange is the new Black, my Aunt Bree was reading the book. She loved it, so I figured I would read it and completely fell in love with the story. What makes it better is it is a true story!


So when I saw that Netflix was teaming up to make it a show I was so excited, I watched the first season in one day! It ropes you in literally in the first ten minutes! I watched the first season in a day, it pulled me in and when it was done it left me hanging begging for more!
So a year later when the second season came out I was ecstatic jumping up and down and losing my mind! Again I watched it all in one day, you would think I would spread it out over days since I knew it would be another year till the third season was going to be out.
When the third Season came out on June 11( early release for good behavior) I was over the moon however, this time I learnt my lesson and watched it over a three day period!

Of all the seasons I have to admit the third was pretty tame that is until the last episode! I will say though I instantly fell in love with Ruby Rose’s character (Stella), I am excited for the fourth season, they left a lot of cliff hangers so you know that the fourth will probably be the best season yet!
I am not going to give away anything from the seasons just in case some of you are not caught up completely!

If have not watched any of Orange is the new Black I really suggest giving it a chance! I believe you will be dragged in and begging for more!


I would say Season 1 10/10
                      Season 2 10/10
                      Season 3   9/10

Stay Beautiful XO


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