It’s back!

My favourite part of the summer and the real official start is finally here!!!


I have been religiously watching this show since season 1! I am obsessed, I was laying in bed last night watching it and my Boyfriend climbs in and just rolls his eyes at me saying “seriously, this show is still on!?”
I reply saying “of course it is!”
Quickly realizing that it has been on for now 17 seasons! It started in 2000 That means for the last 15 years this game changing show has been in my life!  I’m 23!

Every year there’s a new twist to make that season better and more mind screwing then the last! Which is why the catch fraise is  
“expect the unexpected ” ! Does that ever fit!

This season (SEASON 17!!!) is interesting, its different and there are new twists and turns!

***Spoilers ahead***


*There’s the first transgendered person in big brother history on this season and she’s gorgeous!

*the twin twist is back! Woot I loved this the first year they did it, have identical twins switching through the episodes and no one knows!

*Every week there’s a new BB takeover – the first one just happened and it gave us two amazing racers!!!

*Battle of the block is back; for the second season in a row! I love this it makes it completely mind blowing every episode!

It is only three episodes in and I already have Favourites, I have already for seen showmances!!!
My favourites are:
Audrey– she is gorgeous and a true testament to be who you are!
Becky– she is strong, outdoorsy and I see her going far!
Clay– he’s gorgeous to look at
Shelli– she is smart, cute and I think she is holding back on her strategy a bit!
And last but not least I adore
Vanessa– she is not only a professional poker player and completely gorgeous but she is playing this season in a different mind set then I have ever seen!

Here is my foreshadowing for the season;
* I think Shelli and Clay will have a showmance
* I think Meg will have a showmance with Jeff
* I think Audrey will be back doored because of how’s she’s playing the game
* I think Vanessa will take it all home!
* I don’t think the beginning alliances will hold up
* Who ever the twins are, I think they will make it past the five evictions

Eep well there it is, I am so excited for this season!


Stay Beautiful XO


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