Top 10 Netflix shows to binge watch

As a person without cable I spend my free, lazy time watching Netflix!

I thought I would bring to you the top 10 shows to binge watch on Netflix!!! (These are not all of them but they are some of the best!)

1: Wentworth
This is the Australian version of Orange is the new Black, yet with less sex scenes, more violence and comes across a little more real!

2: Orange is the new Black
I am sure you and everyone else you know has heard about this show. It is funny, sexual, scary and real all at once!

3: Suits
This one is awesome I love law shows, even more when there are sexy lawyers and an even sexier fake lawyer! With drama, violence, deceit and love! 

4: White Collar
I love how they show how the criminal mind works, this show allows you to enter and fall in love with the criminal mind as he fights to keep himself while allowing new parts to show.

5: Happy endings
This one is pure comedy! I love the friends dynamic of it but set in 2014 rather than the 90’s

6: Pretty little liars
Of all the shows I have listed here this is my favourite. It is dark and mysterious while at the same time it is funny, romantic and full of drama.

7: Raising hope
Now this one has me laughing so hard I constantly am falling off my chair 😉
It’s brings you into the home of the chances- true “white trash” they aren’t very smart, they don’t have great jobs, their son knocked up a criminal but what they do have is the most unconditional love for one another!

8: Nashville
Anyone who knows me knows I love love love country music!
This show brings you drama, music and love!
It is hilarious, sad, dramatic and heartfelt all wrapped up in to one glorious show!

9: Drop dead diva
This one is hilarious, loving and shows real life problems from relationships to dealing with grief. This once beauty queen drop in a successful lawyers body makes for a quirky yet sophisticated lady!

10: Once upon a time
I grew up loving fair tales, I still do but I love this take on them.  It is set in the real world and the main characters are snow white, prince charming and the evil queen all brought together by snow white and prince charmings grand son! It is beautifully written, you are drawn in from the moment it starts to that last episode!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Comment below if you have already watch and fallen in love with one or more of these shows! Also let me know what your favourite show is!!!

Stay Beautiful XO


6 thoughts on “Top 10 Netflix shows to binge watch

  1. Um Yes!!! I am loving your list! I loooove Drop Dead Diva, Once Upon a Time, and Nashville! I didn’t realize Happy Endings was on Netflix. I always wanted to watch that show but I wanted to start from the beginning!

    Here are a few of my fav shows to binge watch: Arrow, Gossip Girl, and Lost Girl!!!


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