Memories <3

I made a couple previous posts about my parents past actions and memories and really just outlined all the bad ones. I deleted them partly because I was hurting people I love and partly because those were just the bad ones, there are great ones too.
I want to remember the good, put the bad aside and live a happy life! We all make mistakes I should know this I have made plenty of my own, I have an attitude problem, I have stolen, lied, skipped school, been out right mean, and probably more all in my past and I was lucky enough to have family help me through it, love me and forgive me.
I owe them the same.
For the mistakes, hurt, and awful words spoken back and forth I am sorry and I forgive you!

The point of this post is also to remember some of the good times!

* mom and I dancing in the living room to country music – she gave me the passion for music

* S loving me as if I was her own, punishing me as if I were her own and at the end of the day even though I have hurt her and vice versa the love i know is unconditional

* Dad taking me to work with him at the cafe, it was when I got one on one time with him and he let me help bake.

* Sock fights- because laundry is boring if your not throwing things at each other

* family trip to my Washington (dad and S)
*  family trip to Whistler (mom and M)
* family trip to las Vegas for a wedding
* family trips to salt spring
* family trips to Toronto

Each parent of mine has added to who I am as a person.
I am a strong willed, courageous, out spoken, outgoing, loving, sassy, spunky, asshole, thick headed woman and I am thankful for that!

All parents make mistakes, all kids take their parents for granted, we all learn from our mistakes. We learn to appreciate our parents before they are gone.
We aren’t handed how-to guides, we have to create them!

I love you all!


Stay Beautiful XO


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