Inspiration;  where do i find mine?!

For many inspiration comes easy, you can find it anywhere you look! Out your window, at your partner or children, on the internet or simply it just comes to you!

For people like me inspiration is a little harder to find sometimes. Most of the time I find inspiration from one of the things listed above however, lately it is a little more difficult.

I dig deep and find an empty space with no ideas, I look online and see beautiful posts and ideas that I have either already done or do not want to do simply because it has been done so much.

So my next step is to turn to friends for ideas and support, I turn to my followers and ask what they want to see, I turn to my boyfriend and ask what he thinks I should do next.

Although they give great ideas and support, I still can’t write… Writers block? Maybe however, I quickly remember that i can not give up and all writers have once came across these feelings of being lost and no words to describe them.

I find inspiration in every day life and when I forget that I look back on my previous posts and turn to those in my life who are always there and remind me not to give up!

Speaking of friends who are always there I want to share one of my best friends new blog- I adore her and everything she stands for, we have had our problems but she is an amazing person, mother, and friend!

Stay beautiful


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