My days off ♡

Hola Beauties,

I hope you have all had an amazing start to your week!
My weekend is actually the beginning of the real worlds week. 😉
So i figured i would share my exciting week’end’ :p

So it all started off on monday i went into work and the ship canceled due to wind. So Ash and I went to the casino together for an impromptu date night.

Tuesday we slept in then headed out to Muir Creek 🙂 i had never been there so I was excited to check it out and spend some time in the sun!
We started by looking for fossils in the rock wall
*fun fact* it is not only famous for its fossil wall but also for the gold, gems and such you can find in the river!


After that i decided to enjoy the scenery around me and embrace it.  Here are some of the pictures i took




It was a great day we ended it by checking out a cute cafe on our way home and getting dinner.

Wednesday i spent the day cleaning and just relaxing but also pampering…
I got my nails done by an awesome lady who owns a home based salon (I’ll leave the facebook page link at the bottom)


I love them sooo much!

Well i had three great days off i was excited to get back to work! 


I am sad the summer is almost over, i love this job! I have met some great people and made some new friends along the way!

Last night i met two adorable girls from Arizona, they were excited because hey just bought their first legal drinks (being 20 they cant back home)



They were so funny! Hopefully they had a great time in our rainy city for the day!


Hope everyone has a good weekend. Im off to work ♡

As promised here is the facebook link for SeaBeauty Salon

Stay Beautiful


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