How to live a positive life

Hello beauties


I hope everyone has had a good week!
Mine has been pretty relaxing, my birthday is in under a week so i am currently trying to plan something for that (blog post to come ☆) !!!

on to todays post-
Living a positive and fulfilling life:


I have not always been a positive person, i thought everyone was out to get me and that i was never good enough. 
This of course was not the case, it was simply the lack of self confidence and respect. 

After losing friends, losing touch with family and really just allowing my life to go downhill i quickly realized i could control all of this.

I told myself i am good enough, quickly after that i started to really believe it. My confidence went up, i started to respect myself and those around me.
Getting back in touch with old friends and family and making new ones! 

I realized i had the power all along to create the life i wanted. No one was against me except myself! 


From then on i promised myself i would wake up each day tell myself i am worth it, smile and not just get through the day but lavish through ♡

It makes life feel less scary and a whole lot more worth it!

You end up loving stroger, smiling deeper and taking nothing for granted.

☆The world gives back what we put out☆

To live a positive and fulfilling life you must:
♡ be unafraid of the future
☆ realize your potential
♡ Share
♡hold those important to you close to your heart
☆NEVER settle
And most of all
♡Be true to who you are☆

I love you all and appreciate every single one of your support! 
By reading, liking and sharing you lift me up! 

Stay Beautiful ♡


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