My Top 5 LUSH products

Hello Beauties,
I along with most other girls love to smell good, be soft and of course CLEAN! 

I find the best way to get all in one is with LUSH!  I absolutely love their stuff bonus- my bathroom never smells like boys 😉

This is not sponsored i just love LUSH!



I love this body soap! It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling rich and smooth.
100 grams $7.95


Bath time will never be boring again! Make little clay figurines and wash your body amd hair all at the same time. 
250 grams $6.95



This is by far the best face mask out there.  The minty fresh smell and the fresh ingredients make your face as soft as a Baby. My pores have never been so clear. It is also nice to treat to your body every once in awhile leaving it silky smooth. This mask is more of a once a week to every two weeks mask.
315 grams $24.95


My hair has never felt so great this hair moisturizer keeps it soft, bouncy and moisturized.
100 grams $22.95


Now this fresh face mask with crushed almonds is my second favourite it exfoliates, and freshen pulling all the dirt out of your pores. Its a fresh face mask that only lasts about two weeks but thats how you know its good -this is more of a daily mask.
60 grams $6.95

                 ☆☆☆ BONUS ☆☆☆


The charity pot is a pot of goodness- not only does it work to moisturize ypur skin keeping in luxurious it also donate all proceeds to a grassroot charity in a country that needs help or fresh water. It is worth the $22 just knowing your helping someone out there!

I hope you all enjoyed! 

Comment below telling me your favourite product from LUSH ♡

Stay Beautiful ♡


2 thoughts on “My Top 5 LUSH products

  1. Great reviews! The Charity Pot is on my list to try. I love their Mint Julips lip scrub. Keeps my lips from getting dry, makes application of lip products so much smoother, and I especially love that it is edible since it is something you may accidentally (or intentionally lol) taste.


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