Cruise ship season 2015

Good afternoon Beauties!!!

With the season coming to an end i wanted to let you all in on the cruise ship season, how the shuttle went, which ship i like the best, which ship i didnt really like, my take on how the managers, drivers and other shuttle attendants ran this season, along with some secrets, gossip and of course pictures!

Well i will say this season has been crazy amd fun!

My bosses are probably the best i have had – granted there was a learnig curve for them but all in all they were truly amazing, helpful, they listened to iur issues and tried their best to have them fixed!
The people i worked with were great, there were a couple bumps along the way but at the end of the day nothing that was worth the stress.  I wish them all the best and i have even came out of it with a few friends ♡



This summer there were a few events that made out shuttle a little tricky one of those happens to be the snowbirds! Absolutely stunning show put on by the Royal Canadian Air force!
It is my absolute favourite part of the summer i love it gives me the chills everytime.


As well as parades, tour de victoria, marathons, the white party ect…


Okay lets talk ships!
☆ Holland America
☆ Celebrity
☆ Princess
☆ Oceania
☆ Carnival
☆ Norwegian
☆ Crystal Cruises
☆ Regent seven seas
☆ Royal Caribbean


My absolute favourite ship night to work is when the Carnival Legend is in. The people are friendly, usually a bit younger,  and usually a riot!

The ship i would want to travel on is either the carnival for reasons above or the celebrity solstice because i have before and i loved it!!!


(Me pre braces and in 2009)

Now my least favourite ship (or ships) would be holland America- in find the passangers are usually the least friendly. As well as the regent seven seas-they are the slowest of nights. 

Dont get me wrong all the ships are beautiful and i would be happy to go on any 😉

This season was fun however, it wasnt drama free:
☆ Missing passangers
☆ Passanger overboard
☆ Unfriendly Co – workers
☆ Bus Breakdowns

Even with all of these little set backs we worked as a team and pulled through. 

We have a twelve day stretch coming up over labour day weekend.  Then the season slows down and some of my co-workers go back to school.

Its been fun 😉


Stay Beautiful xo


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