My Tea Collection

Good evening beauties,
Tonight while i was making tea i thought i would share my tea collection!

I have so much tea> Breakfast teas, evening and dessert teas *yum*


All my tea loose leaf and tea bags ♡♡♡


I love tea but the accessories are just as fun!!! My mini orange tea pot has to be my favourite of all! It makes two cups of tea it is perfect you have a friend over! If you just want one cup of loose leaf tea then the tea ball or holder is perfect!
(You could also make it in the keurig)

I will tell you more about my loose leaf tea below:


I got these amazing teas from a cute little store in Sidney (on Vancouver Island) called ‘Janets special tea’
From left to right:
☆Ginger organic rooibos
☆English breakfast
☆After 8
☆Apple Pie


My favourite tea of all is one from Teavana youthberry (it was a gift from my previous job) it is a delicious loose leaf tea with a very strong berry flavour.

I hope you enjoyed my collection comment below what your favourite tea is! 
I hope you all have a great evening
I’m going to go enjoy my tea and a relaxing evening with my little family.  ♡


Stay Beautiful ♡


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